The Schillosophy – How we fulfil your dream of a full head of hair.

For us, quality means first and foremost giving optimum and individual advice to each customer. We would like to get to know you and your requirements so that we can match your hairstyle with your specific type.
Our solution is called Skinlight® - because an authentic hairstyle is part of your personal style. Skinlight®  hair technology is indistinguishable from natural hair and is individually styled to suit you, cut to any length you require and in any appropriate style.

We have the highest standards regarding the manufacture of our hairpieces and personal customer care, ranging from individual image consulting on your first visit through to first-class hairstyling with the ready-customised hair replacement.
This enables us to guarantee natural attractiveness and a hair replacement that fits as perfectly as an exquisite made-to-measure suit. Because good looks don’t come off the peg.

Our high standards of quality always apply, no matter whether you have a lot, little or even no hair of your own. With Skinlight® your hair can be discreetly replaced or supplemented at any time. The result is a natural, authentic hairstyle that can withstand every situation and which makes you look as attractive and young as you are.

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Kirstin Ellen Vietze
Dorotheenstraße 60
10117 Berlin


am Sonntag, 07. August 2016

Präsentation / Servicestützpunkt

Schillo, Skinlight, Haartechnik, Toupet, Perücke, Frisur, Haarproblem


am Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016
am Sonntag, 21. August 2016
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jeweils 9 Uhr bis 15 Uhr

Thomas Junk


...demnächst wieder hier!

Salon puro
Isartorplatz 5
80331 München

Schillo, Skinlight, Haartechnik, Toupet, Perücke, Frisur, Haarproblem

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Jürgen Schillo GmbH & Co. KG
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Jürgen Schillo GmbH
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Jürgen Schillo S.A.R.L.
4, Rue Michel Rodange
L-2430 Luxembourg
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