Worth knowing about hair loss

Schillo offers you a wide range of individual solutions

Bald patches - alopecia areata

One of the most common causes of non-hereditary hair loss are bald patches, also known as “alopecia areata”.
It can be recognised by round, hairless patches that usually occur quickly or spasmodically. There is often broken hair around the edge of these bald spots. If the pores of the hair ducts can be seen, this is a good sign that the hair can grow back.

In many cases, hair can grow back within six to twelve months. If this doesn’t occur, however, cortisone is usually recommended for you to apply to the bald patches. Cortisone suppresses the dysfunction of the immune system, as an autoimmune disorder is usually presumed to be the cause. However, the side-effects of cortisone should be taken into account and should be carefully weighed up with your doctor. Sufferers often decide in favour of wigs or toupees in order to conceal the bald patches.

SCHILLO – your specialist for hair replacement offers you a wide range of individual solutions, from a small hairpiece to a complete wig. With our in-house Sensigraft® system we have developed a toupee that is so inconspicuous and easy to wear and maintain that you will almost forget that you are wearing a toupee.

First Toupee

For most people, losing one’s hair is not an easy transition to go through, whether in the short or the long term.
Many people are even afraid of wearing a toupee. Many prejudices contribute towards this: imagining their toupee might fly across the street in a gust of wind, or the risk of other people being able to see immediately that one is wearing a toupee.

However, modern toupees such as the SCHILLO Sensigraft® system are at most as noticeable as a new haircut. You can even wear it when playing sport or taking a shower – the modern hair replacement gets through it all – no slipping, no “flying away”.

So if you decide to wear a toupee or a wig, it’s important that you feel good in it and can identify yourself with it. For this reason we recommend Sensigraft®, a method based on the individual tailoring of each piece, with the aid of a plaster cast to achieve an exact fit.

Your made-to-measure Sensigraft® system offers you optimum wear comfort, allowing you to do anything you want - Sensigraft® is completely suitable for everyday use and holds against wind and weather.