Sensigraft® – That's it.

That’s why the Sensigraft®
product requires individual consultation
to ensure your unique high-quality hairpiece
on our highest quality standard !

Schillo Sensigraft® - Made to Measure

Schillo hair replacement is more than just a “normal toupee”

Schillo hair replacement is more than just a “normal toupee”. With our own Sensigraft® brand we have developed a product for you that is so authentic and natural that even you will soon forget that you are wearing a toupee. Our Sensigraft® is founded on preparing each piece individually using a plaster cast to provide an exact fit. Your hair replacement is then individually crafted especially for you on the basis of this cast. The result is an absolutely perfect fit, like a high-quality made-to-measure suit.

That’s why the Sensigraft® product requires individual consultation – we work together with you the customer on a very personal basis until your unique high-quality hairpiece meets every quality standard. Sensigraft® is as varied as the people who wear it. The name SENSIGRAFT expresses this specifically. Sensigraft® is available in different variations for women (Sensigraft Ladyline) and men (Sensigraft A, B, C or D), made from artificial or real hair, with European or Asian hair, classic, extra thin, as a toupee or as a complete wig. Get some personal advice from us - our strength lies in individual solutions.


Whether you suffer from hair loss caused by illness or you simply want to feel younger and more attractive with more hair, we will find the ideal Sensigraft® option for you. There is also increasing demand for our services from women who have lost their hair through illness, predisposition or therapy. Prompt assistance is often sought here. Our Sensigraft® Ladyline product line is specifically tailored to meet women’s needs. With Sensigraft Woman® we have developed a new, extremely sophisticated solution using 100% real European hair. Your Sensigraft® hair replacement system has a lifespan of between one and two years, depending on the version you choose. Looking after your hairpiece is also quite straightforward. For more information, simply arrange a personal and complete free consultation with no obligation. Just bring someone you trust along with you.

Our Service:

  • As hairdressers, we understand our craft. We offer first-class hair design in any length, with your own hair or with a hair replacement. We specialise in natural and authentic-looking hair-replacement solutions, offering you made-to-measure products of the highest quality.
  • The service that makes us special: intensive and very personal consultation with our customers.
  • Starting with image consulting during your first visit to our salon right through to first-class hairstyling with the ready-customised hair replacement - a unique item.

We focus on your individuality!

We have been on the market for over 30 years with our own Sensigraft® brand product which has given us an international name as specialists in high-quality hair replacement.

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